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Audio Engineers
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The ReMasterMedia Pro DAW and Streaming Plug-in

Make your music, movies and video games come alive for your audience.

RMPro's patented algorithm with 120 calibration points optimizes any audio signal in real time. It adds depth, clarity, definition, presence and incredible stereo field imaging, just by implementing it on your individual stems or your mix. It is the better button for your live-streaming apps.


Start playback and then switch to RMPro sound and back.

Original audio waveform Remastered audio waveform

Video Credits: WundermanThompson/Paul Greco
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Music Artist: Davie
All rights reserved.

What are the pros saying?

Leon Pendarvis, SNL Music Director

“I have every conceivable plugin at my disposal. Many of them quite good, but nothing as musical and as transparent as this. It used to take me hours, sometimes days, trying to achieve what RMPro does, literally in seconds. Bravo guys."

Our partnership with MOD

You can now take RMPro on the road. RMPro is a featured plugin in the MODDEVICES
MOD Duo X and MOD Dwarf. These powerful
devices are standalone processing hubs for
performing musicians and music producers.
Our plugin will make your live music sound
amazing by implementing it at the end of your
pedal chain. RMPro optimizes any audio signal
in real time adding depth, clarity, definition,
presence and incredible stereo field imaging.  
There are several profiles to get you rolling
but you can tweak for your specific taste and achieve that consistent sound wherever you are performing.

Learn MoreVideo Demo

MOD DuoX and RMPro Demo Video

by Federico "Oora" Chiesa


Standalone processing hub for performing musicians
and music producers. This sleek and sturdy desktop device
comes packed with lots of CPU power, lots of controls, and lots of inputs and outputs, giving you maximum versatility and creative freedom.

MOD Dwarf

Compact and powerful standalone device helping you express your creativity at home, in the studio, or at a live performance.

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Compete with the Pros

with the RMPro Mastering Plug-in

With technology born in some of the world’s most famous recording studios, RMPro puts a powerful tool right at your fingertips without breaking the bank.

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

"CRAS is excited to partner with ReMasterMedia to be able to provide our students experience using their high quality mastering plug-in allowing students the opportunity to master all areas of audio. We are also excited for future plug-ins as they become available to our students and the market."

Make Your Mixes Come Alive

With just the push of a button

Like true Sound Mastering, RMPro doesn’t “color” your mix, it simply brings out all of the depth, dynamics, detail and dimension you built into it. Use it for your stems too!

Stream This

Whether you’re streaming a performance on YouTube, a new song on Spotify or submitting a track for a TV Series, it has to be BROADCAST READY!
RMPro is the all-in-one DAW plug-in designed to meet the requirements of the industry, and the expectations of your audience.

Beat The System

You may not be sitting behind a console like this, but RMPro is the simplest and best alternative to making your audio sound professional and your content broadcast ready. Buy it now for only $149.95.

ReMasterMedia Pro Mastering Plug-in

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Make your Music, Podcasts, Audio Books, Movie Soundtracks, Commercials and Video Game Streams broadcast ready!

With the RMPro DAW & Streaming Plug-in, you’ll experience added depth, clarity, bass definition, presence and enhanced stereo field imaging on your individual stems or total mix.

Just turn it on and it will do the rest.

(Demo version will silence your audio every 30 seconds until you purchase a license key.)

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Compatible Systems Information:
Mac - All versions, must be MacOS 10.13 or higher

AAX - Intel only (waiting on AVID to upgrade their SDK for M1)

AU, VST2, VST3 - Intel or M1 Mac compatible

Windows - All versions, must be Windows 10 or higher 64 bit

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