General FAQ

How do I download the plugin after I purchased it and see my license code?

Login to your account here and you'll see a download link and your API Key license code.

How do I activate my plugin after it has been installed on my machine?

The best way to show you is by viewing this simple walkthrough video.

Can I install RMPro on another machine?

No, you will need another license to use RMPro on a different machine unless you deactivate the current API license on the current machine. If you have multiple computers, just add the amount of desired keys into your cart and you will be able to have multiple activations in your account for your computers.  You can add keys in the future as well.  Just sign into your account anytime in the future and click on the purchase button.  Once the purchase is complete, those activations will show up in your account.

Can I create or save new Profiles or Presets?

Yes. You can create or add saved Profile settings.  

Do you offer educational discounts for university programs?

Yes, please contact for your request.  You will need proper documentation supporting your request.

Do you offer an affiliate program for RMPro?

Yes, please contact for more information.

How do I update RMPro?

Easy Update instructions:

Step 1: Download and unzip the new version

Step 2: Locate and remove the old version

Step 3: Install the new version into the same system folder where you just deleted the previous version

The new version license should automatically be activated!

How come RMPro is not working with Audacity for Windows?

Audacity for windows uses 32bit audio and RMPro is only optimized to work with 64bit audio. Search the internet for other free audio editors for windows using 64bit audio if you want to use RMPro.

I purchased a subscription plan on Is RMPro connected to that plan?

No, RMPro is not connected to the online web application. It lives on your computer and can only be accessed as a FX plugin through your audio/video editor that uses plugin technology. Review your owners manual or look for YouTube videos explaining plugins for your specific application. We do not support third party applications. After you have searched the internet or read your manual and you still don't know if you application accepts plugins, contact us and we will try to help. YouTube is a great resource.

Why is the RMPro not working in my audio/video editor?

Several reasons could be the issue.

1- the plugin is not unzipped and placed in the correct system folder. Visit our support page for more information.

2- RMPro is a 64bit audio plugin. If you audio/video editor is 32bit, then it will not work.

3- Try restarting your computer before opening up your audio/video editor.

4- the (M) is not turned on.

5- Your operating system is too old for it to work.

6- Your audio/video editor is not up to date with the latest version.

7- You didn't install the correct version for your audio/video editor. AU is for Macs however some applications on Mac only work with VST2 or VST3 plugins.

8- Your application doesn't work with plugin technology. Time to upgrade or find a better application.

I purchased and received a license code but when I try to activate it, it says "An error occurred.  A customer account does not exist for this API Key."

Activation can be a real pain right! No worries... it's probably something very simple. Make sure that you are entering the same email address you used when you purchased the license. Copy the code and then either "control click" and select paste or "right click" and select paste in the API window so the API code is pasted only once. If you use the "command P" to paste, sometimes the API code will be copied twice which will throw the error when you click on activate.

I'm having issues with the plugin not processing the audio is applications like Audacity for MacOs.

One of the things we found with Audacity and could be with other applications, is the plugin behaves better with a smaller buffer size.  Try changing the buffer size to 4096 and see if it resolves the issue. See the wiki article below that describes how to make the change in the green section at the top

Also, please note that RMPro only works with 44.1K audio sample rate with Audacity. If you hear a clicking sound then your audio is in 48K and will not be processed.