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Note from RMPro:

The RMPro is not a “set and forget it” variety plug-in. While it does do a lot, it will not fix a bad mix or an overly loud one. But, if you set your track levels, EQ’s, effects, panning, compression/limiting and most importantly, leave some headroom, the RMPro will bring your mix to life with more clarity, detail, bass definition, power and stereo imaging.

It’s super transparent and not “hypey” - though you can go there if you want to. Your mix can be "in your face" without having to brickwall it. You’ll retain dynamics and not battle the mid-range EQ mess that typically results with over compression. The RMPro is very nuanced and super versatile. It delivers stunning mastering results, but it also works beautifully on multiple channels/instruments with no CPU issues. And if your content is going to be streamed, RMPro intuitively addresses frequencies that get damaged in the process, so your mix will stand out from the crowd.

If you are streaming your content live, please also visit We offer an easy-to-install cloud based service that will not alter the character of the original mix during your live stream. It’s all about audio fidelity. Our technology analyzes, processes and optimizes the streaming data so it will maintain the integrity of your mix and be accurately reproduced by headphones or speakers in real-time with zero sync issues.

We would love to hear from you.  Do you have ideas or suggestions for improving RMPro?  Contact us.