Operational Tips

RMPro Walk through Video

1. Leave headroom to let RMPro do its thing. -3 to -6db is ideal.

2. Click on the M to turn it off and on.

3. DRIVE will add more processing.

4. CEILING sets an arbitrary True Peak at “0”. Roll back to your desired output level.

5. BASS / TREBLE - super nuanced and incremental EQ. Added BASS will feel more like weight or density. TREBLE will feel more brilliant.

6. STEREO ENHANCEMENT - this is where the magic happens. As you call up the plugin either in Default or utilizing one of the on-board plugins, this feature will be OFF. The mix will still be processed but when STEREO is engaged all of the detail and everything that’s been placed in the stereo field will be much more apparent. You will feel the environment. The best part is that the center of the mix still holds true - bass, kick, vocals are still dead center with no loss of energy. However, if you’re working on a sound track or something that is sound designed driven you can spread the “stereo balls” for a more cinematic sound.

7. PROFILES - the pull down menu provides 5 different mastering Profiles. Based on taste and presence, all will skew the mastering differently. NOTE: when you first call up the plugin it is in the DEFAULT profile setting. The menu is BLANK. It is the plugin in its purest state - if you move away from it to engage the other profiles you can not return to it with quitting the plugin and reinstating it (we are working on that bug)